Paetiki Pizza House has been serving delicious pizzas to its customers since March, 2016. Pizza House started bringing a new taste and recipes to the industry. At Pizza House, our goal is to ensure that every meal, for all our users, is a great experience. Pizza is an amazingly popular in the world. Pizza House team has many years of experience in the pizza industry and takes pride in the quality of their food and services. The pizza dough is hand-tossed, and the cheeses grated on a daily basis for the freshest taste.

Today’s customers want a fun, home-style food, not fast food. Our menu is where Paetiki Pizza House really delivers.

About Us

At Paetiki Pizza House, we strive to make the perfect pizza from our homemade, hand-tossed dough to the finest and freshest ingredients! We offer our customers what they want – their choice of great ingredients or a selection of specialty pizzas with thin, double dough, deep dish or stuffed crust. Then, we bake it to perfection or as we say, “Perfetto!”

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